Is the adidas YEEZY Line Returning?

By now you have probably seen some of our favorite news outlets talking about the possibility of new YEEZY releases under the realm of adidas. After a tweet by YEEZY MAFIA, probably one of the best sources for everything YEEZY, rumors have been skyrocketing about the future of YEEZY.

What do we know about the return of adidas YEEZY?

With recent news hitting that adidas lost around 440 million dollars due to the termination of selling YEEZY products, it looks like that adidas will continue selling off their stock of YEEZYs, how, when, and why, is not confirmed. However, it makes sense; the German sportswear brand has been sitting on quite a load, and throwing it away wouldn’t make sense, so the best would be to sell them. As YEEZY MAFIA has announced, or let’s say spread the rumor, Kanye will be paid a 15% commission on all goods, not too bad. adidas CEO Bjørn Gulden has commented that “the loss of Yeezy is of course hurting us,” but the brand might have found a way to sell their leftover stock, well, how they will sell them, that is unsure, but at least lower their stock by probably giving away pairs to charity.


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