The Air Jordan 1 Utility Stash If For Friends & Family Only (And A Few Lucky Ones)

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The latest adventure of Miles Morales sees him traveling through the multiverse in “Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse,” although it wasn’t just the web-slinging and action-packed scenes that caught our eye.

If you looked closely enough, you’d notice that the Air Jordan 1 Utility Stash made a surprising appearance, dressed in a brand new un-seen colorway that pays homage to one of the film’s antagonists, the “Prowler.” Although it’s easy to get super excited about this sneaker, it won’t be easy to get hold of. The Air Jordan 1 Utility Stash has been dubbed as a “friends and family” release, with a limited quantity of 100 pairs made. SoleSavy gave fans some hope of obtaining this sneaker as they announced they were giving away a small number of pairs by stashing them in hidden locations around NYC.

They then released clues on their Instagram page about where the AJ1 was located; some were lucky enough to get their hands on it. With a third and final installation of Miles Morales’ journey on the way, keep your eyes peeled as Jordan Brand and Marvel will most likely have something else innovative lined up. 


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