Recap: Sneakersnstuff New York Opening Party

20 years ago, in 1997, Peter and I went to New York together for the first time. We went there on Sneaker Safari, looking for sneakers that could not be found back home in Sweden. Friends and friends of friends caught wind of this, and asked us to buy them a pair ”anything that is not available in Sweden”. That created the first embryo to Sneakersnstuff.

In December 2017, we completed the circle by opening Sneakersnstuff in New York. And that, of course, had to be celebrated with a huge party. We were happy to see so many old friends, new friends and future friends show up and show love. It was the most memorable evening, where we were able to show you our store for the first time, and surprise you with our basement bar.

Just want to give an extra thank you to all the people that was involved: Chase B, Clark Kent, Nicole Sky, DJ Soul, Stretch Armstrong, Wiki, The 86 Co. & Joel & Bergman.

And of course, Nas. I can’t really think of a better way to be welcomed to NYC. Thank you!

/Erik, co-founder Sneakersnstuff



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