Puma x Sneaker Freaker Dallas – The Bunyip

For their 10th year anniversary Sneaker Freaker teams up with Puma to create a special project. This time, Sneaker Freaker presents their own take on the classic model Puma Dallas. Sneaker Freaker found their inspiration for the shoe from the spirit of the Bunyip. The Bunyip is an infamous creature that lives in the Australian swamps.

This is what Woody from Sneaker Freaker says about the legend of the Bunyip:

The legend of the Bunyip is deeply embedded within the Australian psyche. It’s an evil spirit that lurks in muddy billabongs, creeping out under cover of darkness to scare the fuck out of children. No one knows what they look like. Whatever the truth, the original source of the legend is credited to ancient aboriginal mythology. It’s the antipodean equivalent to Bigfoot.

As you can see they have changed the regular sole that we are used to see on the Puma Dallas to a crepe sole which is quite interesting and they have also embossed a distinct eye symbol on the insole.

The Puma x Sneaker Freaker Dallas “The Bunyip” will be released June 15th, instore at 12.00 CET and online 13.00 CET at Sneakersnstuff.com.

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