This December sees Sneakernstuff  partnering with Reebok Classics to profile our Stockholm team. We asked each of them a selection of questions about their time at the store, what they are currently listening to and what gets them going in morning. Without further ado check the interviews below:




How long have you been part of the Sneakersnstuff team and what do you do?

Since July 2015, I work mainly in the store.

If you could have one item of clothing from your childhood what would it be?

I had a thing for medieval stuff when I was a kid. I had this long wool cape I used to play in.. with swords and shit. It would be pretty cool to bring that back.

Guilty pleasure?

I have a thing for nerd facts, and often find myself skipping hours of sleep reading Game of Thrones theories and stuff like that..

If you could teleport somewhere right now where would you go?

Just teleport me somewhere in any time you like, and I’ll take it from there. It sounds like more fun

What song should everybody hear?

Myrtle Avenue by Floating Points

Hektor wears the Reebok Instapump Fury OG





How long have you been part of the Sneakersnstuff team and what do you do?

1 years, I’m a sales associate.

Tell us a secret

I’ve been eating French oast crunch cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the past few days.

What’s a good party?

Good music, good vibes, some Hennessy and my closest friends.

Cookies or cream?

Let’s just put does two together!

What would you be reincarnated as?

Iron man because he’s like a genius and can basically build himself out of any problem he might have.

Jermain wears the Sneakersnstuff x Reebok Classic Question “Lux”



How long have you been part of the Sneakersnstuff team and what do you do?

I’ve been part of the Sneakersnstuff team for a year. I work mainly in the Stockholm store.

How many beers is too many beers?

The question should be how many beers is too few

Last meal on earth?

Hopefully not McDonalds, it depends on how many beers

How would you like to be remembered?

If you walk pass the store at closing hours you won’t forget me. Broom in hand, dancing around, singing my heart out. – As a dancing queen

iPhones or the Ozone?

I thought we were talking about beer…

Max wears the Reebok Classics Club C 85



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