Karhu from Finland.

Now pay attention kids: Karhu is not just another brand that wants to get a piece of the retro pie. Karhu started manufacturing footwear long before most brands out there. They´ve been in the sporting goods game since 1916
Karhu means bear in finnish.

Karhu is a true pioneer, Karhu´s footwear used to have three stripes on the side before adidas even existed. Later on adidas bought the rights to use the three stripes (Rumor has it that they payed a small amount of money and couple of whiskey bottles for the rights). During the 1960´s Karhu started to use the now iconic M-logo. M is for Mäntylä-the name of the two brothers that was the Karhu designer duo at the time. Air is one thing that most people in the running industry connect with Nike. Karhu used air cushion in their running shoes long before Nike

We here at Sneakersnstuff are very happy to welcome back Karhu and their classic runner Fulcrum Star featuring the Fulcrum technology from 1987.

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