Sneakersnstuff x Reebok Pump Fury ”Popsicle”

The Sneakersnstuff x Reebok Pump Fury ”Popsicle” is Sneakersnstuff’s tribute to the Swedish summertime. As a Swede, this is pretty much what you live for. After months of almost complete darkness, Sweden is now filled with light. And in some parts of Sweden, during a few weeks, the sun never sets at all. And just as it can get really cold during the winter time, it will get nice and warm during the summer. And when it is warm outside, you need ice cream. And there is nothing that will cool you down like a nice ice pop.

Ice pops can come in many different shapes and variations. Back in the 80s, we had a classic ice pop called X-15 here in Sweden. It had three different flavors of fruit all in one ice pop. And as we grew up during that era it has stuck in our mind even though it is now longer available. So, in order to celebrate the Swedish summer we took the colors from that classic X-15 ice pop, and put it on the classic Reebok Pump Fury (aka Insta Pump Fury) from 1993 to make that perfect 80s vs 90s clash.

The Sneakersnstuff x Reebok Pump Fury ”Popsicle” will be released July 31st at Sneakersnstuff. In store at 12.00 CET and online at 15.00 CET.

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