Sneakersnstuff in Herzogenaurach – Day 3

Kalle from adidas picked us up for another exciting day. First stop was the original adidas office in Herzogenaurach and the name of the place – Adi Dassler Platz of course! Living legend Markus Thaler and his colleague Olga showed us the Prototype Center. The Prototype Center is the heart and soul of adidas, here’s where the designer’s get their very first samples made.

Markus Thaler has been with adidas for almost 45 years now. He started at adidas when he was 14 years old and he is one of very few people that is still alive that actually worked alongside the great Adi Dassler himself. Erik and Peter met Markus Thaler a few years ago when they designed the adidas x Sneakersnstuff ZX 450 for the aZX collection. A part from the original ZX series Markus Thaler has been involved in so many different products. For example the man actually did the adidas Gazelle (!).

After two very educating hours we went back to the adidas World of Sports and the Brand Center for a an in-depth presentation of what’s about to come. Before we went home we also popped by the adidas Originals containers, the home of the Originals team (thanks for the tour Jossan!).

A big thank you to everybody that took care of us these days. We had a great time – it was awesome!

The old adidas sign behind the trees.

Welcome to the Prototype Center.
 The adidas Superstar last.

 Super light glue that was called Spiderman glue.

 Coke is it!

 Markus in front of the adidas aZX Jacques Chassaing & Markus Thaler ZX 8000.

Their machines could create pretty crazy stuff.
 Mixing up some polyurethane.

 Johan, Charlie and Markus.



and elephant!

 The whole crew – Markus, Peter, Johan, Charlie, Kalle, Erik, Olga, Patrik and Måns.

 Back to the Brand Center…

…for some lunch!
 The adidas Originals containers.

 Hello Jossan!

 Hello Christian!

 Good bye Germany – see you soon.

This is kind of a funny picture. The lovely couple in the front with the banner behind them. But remember one thing. Don’t smoke!

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