Nike Air Flow

Two of the original Nike Air Flow colorways will be released in-store at Sneakersnstuff Stockholm Monday the 27th of June.

Originally released in 1989 these runners were something else when they first came out.
Still extremely comfy. This is the first time the legendary Nike Air Flow has been retroed.

The official launch date for the retro Nike Air Flows (by some sites called Old vs New Pack-don´t ask us why-both colorways are old not new…) was June 25th but since June 25th is a National Holiday here in Sweden we decided to push back the release for a couple of days.

Just like the OG’s they fit pretty tight and its feels like your running around naked, kinda.

Original Nike Air Flow ad. 1989.

If you’re looking for a comfortable shoe this summer, it doesn´t get better than this.

Due to Nike TierZero rules these lovely runners are only available in-store, however if we happen to have any stock left after the release tomorrow feel free to hit our customer service up and we’ll see if we can sort you out.

Please note: we accept no pre-orders, no layaways, strictly one pair per customer.

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