Let’s talk about the BACK Fall/Winter 16 collection

The Stockholm based brand BACK has been a part of the selection here at Sneakersnstuff since fall 2013. We thought it was about time to get to know the founder and designer, Ann-Sofie Back a little bit better so we had a chat with her. We were curious about the brand, her latest inspiration and how she thinks regarding collaborations and special projects.



Please tell us about your inspiration for this collection…

The Fall/Winter 2016 collection is loosely built around driving and cars – a subject I have no experience with personally growing up in the least car friendly city in the world. Therefore this theme holds a great mystery and served as a narrative for this collection. For example, earrings inspired by rear view mirror accessories; sweats and tops designed with splits to create a clean and slick silhouette when you sit; a driving coat and a sports jacket with exaggerated elbow room; dresses and skirts with frills only in the front; chinos and tracksuit pants created for sitting down and a huge coat copied from a dressing gown for covering up the pyjamas you would wear underneath when speeding away in the middle of the night. Also featured is a vegan leather driving jacket with matching miniskirt and trousers with oversized fly details in the collar for a bit of traditional male potency as well as jewellery inspired by money clips.



How do you choose which brands to work with on collaborations and special projects?

We don’t go out looking for collabs, we get asked, some are just plain weird, like IF, but then again I love reflective material, we had no idea what a success it would be. With Nike, it’s really my favorite sportswear brand, i like BIG BRANDS, iconic brands so that was great fun. With Yung Lean, I Truly love the music.



So word around town is that BACK is going towards a more unisex approach…

Is it? Who said that? What we are doing is that we are expanding the size chart up to XL and also the difference between sizes so that you can get properly oversized if you like that (me) or it can fit our giant stylist Robert Rydberg as well.


You have managed to create a brand that is both high-end and commercial, what advice would you give to people who are trying to make it in fashion?

Haha I need their advice not the other way around.



The Fall/winter 2016 collection from BACK is now available at Sneakersnstuff. Check out the products in the editorial here.

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