K1X x Karina Kino – The soldier of love pack

Sneakersnstuff and K1X are very proud to announce the launch of the collaboration pack between K1X and Russian street artist Karina Kino. The global release will take place April 20th 2012 @ Sneakersnstuff (Stockholm).

The goal was to create a premium streetwear pack strictly for girls and make a difference in terms of charity. Thus 20% of the proceeds of the K1X x Karina Kino Soldier of Love pack will be donated to the Pavlin orphanage, a small institution that depends entirely on donations and volunteers.

Karina Kinosyan (Kino) was born in Kazan Tatarstan, Russia on 19 Jan 1986. She studied art and design at Stroganov University of Arts in Moscow until 2006. Since then Karina Kino has made a name for herself in the Russian street art scene and Moscow art scene. She has been working on collaborations with several brands, magazines and stores. Her latest projects include Flashgib (Stuttgart) and Eve without Adam (Berlin) – “I Am Lost Inside You”.

Taking on the subversive, she turns the social status quo upside down from oversized beer-drinking-hotdog-eating creatures to an honorary portrait of Russian royalty. The Moscow based artist draws her inspiration from all aspects of Russia’s vast cultural repertoire such as art, history, politics, Orthodox religion and Dostoevsky’s literature. She perceives herself as an ever evolving catalyst that transforms what she draws from Russian society, before she injects it right back into their minds in form of her sociocritical art, or into their hearts via her social work with the elderly in the neurological department of Moscow’s government hospital and young kids in Moscow’s Pavlin Orphanage.

Check out the whole K1X x Karina Kino Soldier of Love pack now!

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