THE SUNDAY EDIT 04.12.2016

It’s the end of the week, kick back and check out some of the things we have been feeling over the last seven days.

Princess Nokia Documentary

We have been a fan of Princess Nokia since the Wavy Spice days. So when Fader magazine recently unveiled a new documentary about Bronx hip hop we were quick to tune in. Touching on her personal experiences, influences and rise to fame. Watch the documentary below.

AJ Tracey – Pasta

AJ Tracey doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon with the release of new visuals for his track Pasta. Our man Dave makes an appearance too. The track is hard.

Boiler Room: Beyond a BPM (Part 1)

Prolific online music platform Boiler Room look beyond the BPM for a new documentary focusing on the current climate for creatives in London. The London music scene has never been more important or influential than it is now. Something is happening, but what that thing is, nobody really knows. It’s a sprawling movement, taking in influences from dozens of different genres, but however diverse, its sounds and aesthetics are already distinct.


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