Sneakersnstuff x ASICS GT-II

ASICS joins forces with Sneakersnstuff to create a runestone-inspired

Sneakersnstuff from Stockholm has dominated the Scandinavian sneaker scene
since 1999. Over the years, they’ve worked closely with several major brands to
come up with new collaborative models. Now for the first time, they’ve teamed up
with ASICS to create the ASICS GT-II Stone/Stone, an exciting shoe which
brings together Japanese and Swedish design.

The shoe is inspired by the runestones erected by the Vikings all over
The Mälaren Valley in Sweden in the fourth century. The Vikings used these
stones to mark out their territory and honour their families, and they were
regarded as symbols of power and glory. The founders of Sneakersnstuff grew
up in this region, and therefore have a strong affinity with these runestones.

Sneakersnstuff chose to restyle the GT-II, as it has been the founders’ favourite
model ever since it was first launched back in 1986. The GT-II was the first ever
running shoe to feature ASICS’ innovative GEL technology for maximum shock
absorption, comfort and performance. The new collaborative design features
colours taken from original runestones, while the material itself also has a stonelike
finish. However, what makes this model particularly unique is the rune-style
lettering running along the iconic ASICS stripes.

The ASICS GT-II Stone/Stone will be available from June 18th at Sneakersnstuff Stockholm, Sneakersnstuff Malmö and online at

The ASICS GT-II will be released instore at 11.00 (CEST) and online 17.00 (CEST) and will be available from size US 4-US 13.

Retail price: 1199 SEK / 130 Euros

For more information: ASICS GT-II

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