Sneakersnstuff in Gothenburg – Day 2

When we woke up the last day in Gothenburg it was raining cats and dogs. But that didn’t stop us from having lunch at Heaven 23 with Thomas from ASICS. For those who don’t know that is on the 23rd floor of Gothia Towers (a lot of tourists hangs out there) and they are famous for their shrimp sandwich.

We have always believed that the shrimps were local but apparently they catch the shrimps outside of Norway then they send them to Estonia where they peel them and after that they send them back to Gothenburg and Heaven 23. That sounds really fishy! After lunch we headed back to the ASICS office to look at the SS12 collection which looked really good. Thanks Thomas for having us!

The last night in Gothenburg was really fun. A big thank you to Henke, Lövet, Kalle and Linn that showed us some really nice places. We must say that we liked Yaki-Da the most. The vibe at the top floor was amazing and the food was really good.

See you soon Gothenburg!

 Always working!
 Thomas and Erik.
 Peter was hungry.
The view over Gröna Lund. No – I mean Liseberg.
 That’s some high quality H2O.
 The ASICS office.
Erik got a new pair of shoes.
 Hej Kalle!
 Hej Linn!
Fish anyone?
Only small sizes left of the Sneakersnstuff x ASICS GT-II now. Did you get a pair? 

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