Sneakersnstuff in Gothenburg – Day 1

We’re back on the road again. Charlie, Erik, Peter and I (Johan) took the train down to Gothenburg for some meetings. First day we had meetings with Jonas from Vans and Janne from New Balance. Both collections for SS12 looks very good and New Balance have some really, really interesting stuff coming out. More on that later! Check out the pics from the first day here.
 Time to leave for Gothenburg.
Always on Twitter. 
 After some delays we’re finally in Gothenburg.
 First we had lunch with Ante from Swedun. Ante is the guy that sells Diamond Supply in Sweden. Good guy!
 Outside the Vans office in Mölndal.
 Hello Jonas, thanks for having us.
 Next up was the New Balance meeting.
 Thanks for the Tip Top Janne. You know that we love ice cream.
Great bathroom at the hotel.

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