Recap: Sneakersnstuff & Rinse France party in Paris

Last week we teamed up with Rinse France and threw a party at Les Bains in Paris. Thanks Feadz, Manaré, Supa! and Bambz for creating the vibe. What a night! See you guys soon again.

Rinse&Sneakersnstuff Party-6

Rinse&Sneakersnstuff Party-7

Rinse&Sneakersnstuff Party-24
Rinse&Sneakersnstuff Party-31

Rinse&Sneakersnstuff Party-48

Rinse&Sneakersnstuff Party-49

Rinse&Sneakersnstuff Party-51

Rinse&Sneakersnstuff Party-54

Rinse&Sneakersnstuff Party-59

Rinse&Sneakersnstuff Party-90

Rinse&Sneakersnstuff Party-1

Rinse&Sneakersnstuff Party-20

Rinse&Sneakersnstuff Party-28

Rinse&Sneakersnstuff Party-33

Rinse&Sneakersnstuff Party-44

Rinse&Sneakersnstuff Party-62

Rinse&Sneakersnstuff Party-69

Rinse&Sneakersnstuff Party-82

Rinse&Sneakersnstuff Party-86

Rinse&Sneakersnstuff Party-90

Rinse&Sneakersnstuff Party-102

Photographer: Tristan Popescu


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