Nike LunarCharge photo shoot with Maeva

Maeva, 22, has always been torn between NYC and Paris. Born in Miami, she draws her inspiration from our extraordinary French capital, with which she fell in love when she was just a little girl.


If you don’t pass her on the 1st or 10th arrondissements’ streets, you’ll probably bump into her at the Trocadero, see her at La Boca or during the usual Sunday brunch she shares with her squad. Basketball, street jazz, hip-hop… There is a lot you can talk about with Maeva, but her favorite subject is fashion.


Streetway addict during the day, high fashion ambassador once the sun sets… The young model, who is an absolute advocate for the French effortless touch, simply hates labels. Castelbajac, Courir, Levi’s, Madame Figaro: They all fell for the girl – who made her entrance in the world of fashion thanks to her mother in 2012 – but she admits Nike is one of the brands she feels the closest to. “I love the way Nike appeals to young people and helps them show their 90’s side. Nike is not just a streetwear brand”. What’s next? A few trips to NYC, others to Thailand… But, never, ever, too far away from Paris for too long.





Photographer: Karl Hab

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