ASICS GT-COOL XPRESS x mita sneakers

ASICS Tiger will release the collaborative project with the renowned sneaker retailer mita sneakers. It’s based on the classic GT-COOL XPRESS silhouette. The new model is the product of Creative Director Shigeyuki Kunii, who has not only worked on collaborations with numerous brands and lent his designs to custom models, but also works with global projects to Japanese inline direction in creating sneakers for a variety of fields.

With a production base in Ueno, the mita sneakers’ sneaker was inspired by the well-known Shinobazu Pond (commonly called the lotus pond) in Ueno’s Onshi Park, where thousands of lotus flowers bloom. The upper material is partially water-repellant, evocative of the lotus flower’s unique auto-purification ‘lotus effect.’ The insole graphic features the chain link fence icon of the mita sneaker, the ‘Tokyo Custom Made’ logo, and a frog.

The ASICS GT-COOL XPRESS x mita sneakers will be available this Saturday 12th November.





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