An Apology from Sneakersnstuff

You know the deal by now. Every Yeezy drop is the same. We’re that girl in Dumb Dumber, and you are Jim Carry…

l’ll admit that I do admire your positive attitude.

This time around though, we also have to admit that we screwed up. It was probably the worst Yeezy release experience we have had so far. Not only do we want to apologize over that, we really want to let you know how embarrassed we are over the way it all went down.

There are no good excuses really. Technically, we acted in a very naive and arrogant way and tried some updates on the website in order to actually give a better experience for everyone. You would think that we, after 18 years in the online business would have figured it out by now but…

But of course we made a few bad judgment calls and things got worse rather than better. A technical glitch enabled people to order shoes that was already out of stock. The servers were fine, but the data base crashed.

Not because of bots. Not because of too much traffic, because that part of the plan actually might have worked better this time. But because of an technical overlook from our side. Most of the issues that affected you customers are now solved. Some final ones are being worked out as we speak. Unfortunately there is no automatic way of reversing all issues, so it takes quite a few hours of labor to do this.

Once again, we are truly sorry and embarrassed. We will find a way to try to compensate all of you who were affected by this by giving you pre-access to a future Yeezy release. We know it might not sound as much, but we hope that it is enough for you to give us another chance down the road.

Thank you,
Erik Fagerlind (CEO)

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