adidas Originals Bermuda Returns in Summer-ready Pastel Colorways


The adidas City Series is one of the most iconic sneaker lines out there. But what about adidas Island series? Have you heard about that one? If not, keep reading. If yes, do the same, because you are about to learn some history. The adidas Bermuda was introduced as part of that series back in the 1970s and 1980s; the Island Series consisted of 20 some models, all named after islands from around the world, such as adidas Samoa, adidas Hawaii, adidas Tahiti, and so on. To find one of these from back in the day is almost impossible, as these were terrace gems already then, and without seeing many re-releases in the last years, it’s a treasure hunt that continues today.

After some selected drops of adidas Island Series trainers in 2015 and 2018, the adidas Bermuda makes a return in spring and summer-appreciated pastel colorways. After googling Bermuda (sorry, I haven’t made it yet myself to check with my own eyes), the three colorways match the look, vibe, and beauty of the island group; from water, corals, and sandy beaches, it’s all there in the shoes. Crafted with buttery soft suede and tonal leather stripes, all three adidas Bermuda come with Ice Mint, Wonder Taupe, and Glow Pink colorways as well as feature a gum rubber sole with a Trefoil logo.

Release Day: May 12h, 2023
Article number: GY7386, GY7387, GY7388
Colorway: Ice Mint, Wonder Taupe, Glow Pink
Price: TBA

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