adidas Campus 80 “Croptober” is a 4/20 Dream

The history of stoner-appreciated adidas shoes releasing on April 20th has quite a history. With last year’s uber hit, the “Towlie” adidas Campus 80 with color-changing tongue, this year’s 4/20 nod comes in the form of the adidas Campus 80 “Croptober.” Releasing at SNS on, well, you guessed it, April 20th, the 2023 version of the Campus 80 pays homage to the cannabis harvest season.

Crafted with a tear-away upper, the adidas Campus 80 “Croptober” has a rolling paper-like first layer, which reveals a second one below made from leaf green nubuck. Finished off by trippy lining and insole, this Campus 80 ensures you stay fly when high. Referencing the classic setup of a pure blunt, the shoe is easy to customize to your preference, sporting multi-color tie-dye, weed-like green, and matching laces.

The adidas Campus 80 “Croptober” releases on April 20th via SIGN UP in the SNS App.

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