Aaron Lacrate and his Bespoke Air Force 1’s

So this is not news to all perhaps. But some of you might not have seen these yet. And since Aaron and Sneakersnstuff goes way back, we figured we should tell those of you that don’t follow all fancy schmancy sneaker/streetwear blogs out there. 
Aaron LaCrate is the man behind Milkcrate Athletics. He is also involved in that Bmore Gutter Sound – and you might have heard his latest hit with Dipset’s Jim Jones – Everybody Jones

Jim Jones ft Aaron LaCrate – Everybody Jones (MILKCRATE ANTHEM) by milkcratenyc

Recently he got a chance to swing by the Nike Sportswear store on Mercer Street with a special invitaion, and after a few weeks of wait – here is the results. We had to catch up with Aaron Lacrate, as we share the love for sneakers – and have some nice projects going on for this fall. See the short interview below the pics

Hey Aaron – that is some nice bespoke Air Force 1’s. How did you get to do those?
Thanks man ! Gods favorite DJ, Clark Kent, hooked me up. Real g’s do real things. 

Of course – DJ Clark Kent, I heard he knows more about Air Force 1 than almost anybody working at Nike Sportswear. Hmm, we should get him over to Sweden to teach the masses… So, what is the strory behind the choise of material?
Well, I been rocking work wear forever and we have launched at lot of custom work wear with Milkcrate, also I was very early person who pushed neon colors when most people were afraid of them, the trademark Aaron LaCrate Milkcrate hat colors were always hugely famous and I did that way early. But these kicks are based on my wearing work wear and bright safety orange knitted hats, hence why I named these the ” WORK WEAR ” AF1s..
Now, you and me know that these will not be produced for the masses right?
These are bespokes just for my feets only. But Nike should contact me about making more, cus people are hitting me up big time ! I been told these are top 3 Bespoke of all time by my man Issy @ 21 Mercer and hes seen em all. 

Yes, and he should know. How long have you been a sneaker head?
Well i used to skate in Air Max 87s in 1987.. soooo since i was a wee lad.  
Ah, the first Nike Air running shoe with visible Air – now known as Nike Air Max 1 –  What else is good?
Milkcrate is doing great and I am enjoying making hit records, just more next level LaCreations…NEXT I am dropping my Nike AF1 “Blue Collars” this month, on some born on the 4th of July type dopeness. USA USA USA
Ah, I am still a bit surprised that I didn’t remember that your birthday is on 4th of July. Happy Birthday Aaron. Any other sneaker projects going on? 
Well i been wanting to flip a New Balance next, maybe my prayers will be answered this year by some close pals.  
Thanks Aaron. And if you liked that – you need to follow this

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