3 questions with Skinny Digital

The artist behind the illustration on the Sneakersnstuff x A Non Smoking Generation t-shirt is Skinny Digital. In the illustration you can see the whole crew that works at Sneakersnstuff (and of course some other local people that you might recognise?). Please read the very short interview we did with Skinny and also look at the pictures of the first sketches of the print.


For those who don’t know you – can we have a small introduction of Skinny Digital?
I’m a illustrator based out of Solna Sweden who loves old maps, flags, toys, carpentry, drifter sthlm, nature, furniture, and random strange stuff.

How was it to work with Sneakersnstuff and A Non Smoking Generation on this project?
It was really fun to do this, and when its for a good cause to its even better. We worked out a really good concept that I think looks great. I mean we didn’t just do the print we sat down and talked about all the details that needed to be done and followed up the process of everything.

I know you’ve spent a lot of time doing this illustration. Which person from the staff was the hardest to illustrate?
Yes, the drawing part was one thing. The other one was all the thinking and planing before the drawing could start. The hardest part must have been to fit everyone in the picture, especially Andreas cause he is so tall!

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