Token 38 @ Refinery Hotel – Day 3

The third day at the Token 38 pop up shop at the Refinery Hotel is almost over. And what a day we’ve had! First we had Muggsy Bouges coming by to see Sway, after that our boy Miles Brown came through. For those of you that don’t know who Miles Brown is, just google him. Such a cool kid!

Todays basketball player to sign autographs was none less then Shaq. As you probably know we was #SearchingForShaq back in 2013, but now we found him again. Lucky us!

Later during the day both Camron and Jadakiss came by the store to check it out. We could say today has been magic! Tomorrow we will have Shawn Kemp and Dominique Wilkins signing autographs from 1.00–3.00 PM. You don’t want to miss that. See you guys tomorrow again.

And remember, tonight we’re having a party at Jeromes at 155 Rivington Street. Doors open at 10 PM. DJ Clark Kent will be there, Laura Stylez will be there and we hope that you will be there. See you later!

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