The Nike Sock Dart in Södermalm

To coincide with the release of the new Nike Sock Dart collection, Sneakersnstuff teamed up with Stockholm based photographer Frida Vega Salomonsson to documented three of the Sneakernstuff girls. Focusing on their style, their love of Södermalm and summer in the city.


What is the best thing about summer in Södermalm ?

Sofia: The hot sunny evening, being with your friends and heading to Söders Hjärta for drinks. The best thing though is realising that once the bars close it is still warm enough to go for a night swim at Långholmen.

If a friend was visiting Stockholm for the first time where would you take them?

Sofia: I would take them to Lisas Café to enjoy a really good Swedish fika, a juicy cinnamon bun with coffee.

What is the best place to get lunch in Södermalm?

Sofia: It has to be INDO Kitchen. It is a great Peruvian Japanese restaurant not too far from the store.



What is it about Sock Darts that you like?

I like the fact that the shoe allows my foot to relax. Like the name it really feels like wearing a sock. It´s very comfortable with good cushioning yet very light.

Can you describe your personal style?

Sofia: When it comes to my personal style I always go by my daily mood, my inspirations of that day. So the styles can be different. One day I feel like having a very relaxed and streetwear-type of style, and the other day I feel more sophisticated and casual wearing a pair of suit trousers and a shirt, think UPS-guy from Brooklyn meets fancy Escada lady from the 90´s. What brings all my different styles together is a nice pair of sneakers. For example; When I wear my Jordan 6 infrared I always feel like I can represent myself no matter what outfit I´m wearing.  I love jackets, can´t get enough of them, so I would like to wear a pink down jacket, very big and fluffy, wool on the whole outside. I haven’t seen one yet, I guess I have to make my own.



What is your favorite thing about working in Södermalm?

Ofelia: Södermalm has a very relaxed aura. You can always be yourself and everyone respects that. It is nice to stay on the south side of the city.

What is the best thing about summer in the Sodermalm?

Ofelia: In Södermalm there are lots cozy and lovely parks such as Nytorget, Mariatorget, and Vitabersparken. In the summer the atmosphere is great and as they filled with people enjoying the sun. A really good place to get lunch is Tamarindo. Their food is good, eco friendly and vegetarian.


What is it about Sock Darts that you like?

Ofelia: First and foremost, it is a very comfortable shoe. When they released in 2004 they were really ahead of the times with material and design. Even today the sock dart is a timeless, simple, but tough shoe.





What is your favourite thing about working in Södermalm?

Pia: I like the atmosphere of Södermalm. It’s lively but very laid-back at the same time. I don’t live here but I’m still very much at home here. I have spent the last five or six years here, either at school or at work. I have a lot of good memories from this part of town.

Where do you like to eat in Södermalm?

Me and my friends often go to a coal-grill restaurant called Amida where they serve a fast lunch. The favourite is called Adana. It’s minced lamb, bulgur, green and red paprika, other vegetables and assorted sauces.

What is it you like about the Nike Sock Dart?

It’s been really nice to talk about the Sock Darts again. They have been one of the few styles I have really liked during the past year. It’s really simple with a good shape that fits my feet, and they look really good  too. I love the smaller swoosh on the side and on the heel and the fact they are really breathable. They are a good summer shoe.

Could you tell us a bit about your personal style ?

I have always had a love for street style. Large earrings, gold jewellery, slightly larger t-shirts or sweatshirts, etc. The music and my interest in dance have influenced me to become enthralled by street culture since I was very young. I love wearing a pencil skirt with something casual with it. Always sneakers. Vintage sweats are my thing too.



Thanks to the Sneakersnstuff girls for their local tips on Södermalm and Frida Vega Salomonsson for the photos. You can see the full range of Nike Sock Darts here.

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