The instore release of Nike Air Foamposite Galaxy

I don’t think anyone expected any riots over the Nike Air Foamposite Galaxy in Stockholm. And considering the fact that it is still just over freezing here at night, we did not really expect anyone would show up the day before the release, with camping gear and ready to hang out for 22 hours. But Mr. first-in-line Daniel did. Anthony flew in from Germany to line up for the Foams, and all of a sudden there was a bunch of people sleeping outside of Sneakersnstuff the night between the 15th and the 16th of March.

No matter what you think about the Nike Air Foamposite Galaxy – That is dedication and we have to lift our hat of for that. And, since the group of people were nice enough to guard our store over the night we of course had to serve them breakfast in the morning.

Thank you for coming out. See you next time

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