Sneakersnstuff opens 2000 square feet store in Sentier, Paris

November 5th 2015 marked the date for another huge milestone for Sneakersnstuff, as we opened the doors to our new 2000 square feet (190 square meters) store in Paris.

Sneakersnstuff has been a landmark for sneaker lovers in Sweden since 1999, and the store that we have in Stockholm has become a true destination over the years. When we opened our store in London last year (2014) we thought it would take time to make that the same destination we have in Stockholm. We were blown away by the support we had from the local community. London made us feel right at home from the beginning, and the store has been a great success since day one. Now we are very excited to present our latest addition of stores, in the fashion capital of the world.

Placed in the Sentier area in Paris city center (2nd arrondissement) at 95, rue Réaumur, Sneakersnstuff Paris is located in the building of an old bank. We have once again teamed up with the super talented Jenny Askenfors from Bofink for concept and interior design. This is our second project together with Bofink – the first was the Sneakersnstuff London store.

Finding inspiration from the surroundings in Paris, Jenny has added subtle details inspired by the George Pompidou Center, Cubism, Yves Klein and more. Of course combined with our Swedish heritage with details from Orrefors, the Swedish Bumling Lamp, the Swedish M90 camouflage pattern, the Swedish invention the adjustable wrench and much more. Layed out in the 2000 square feet with high ceilings and of course decorated by the over 1000 different styles of sneakers we have in stock.

“We hope that we will be able to continue to build the sneaker culture in Paris, the same way we have done in Stockholm and London over the past years.” – Erik Fagerlind, co-founder of Sneakersnstuff

“Yes, I might have to brush up my French now. But the sneaker language is universal, so it shouldn’t be a problem.” – Peter Jansson, co-founder of Sneakersnstuff

“I don’t think we will steal business from anyone. The point of us opening is to elevate the marketplace and make it bigger and better. Not to replace something that already exists in Paris.” – Erik Fagerlind, co-founder of Sneakersnstuff

“We looked for the right location in Paris for a while. But once we set foot in the old bank where we now have opened we knew right away that this was the new Sneakersnstuff Paris store.” – Peter Jansson, co-founder of Sneakersnstuff

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