Sneakersnstuff in Berlin – Day 2… Again!

Well as you know there was this party last night with WeSC and Vice. It was at this place called the Bunker and what a place, this venue was just crazy… Anyhow, we had a little bit of a problem with the weather cause it was raining cats and dogs all night but as we say in Sweden, there is no bad weather just bad clothing. And there was no bad clothes at this party for sure!

After the barbecue we headed in to the bunker and that was when the party started AND it was also then Johan got asthma so he had to go home to the hotel AND of course he brought the camera with him so we don’t have that much pictures from the party inside. Sorry about that but enjoy the pictures anyway…Thanks WeSC and Vice for a great night!

Today is the last day in Berlin and we’re having a lot of secret meetings so their won’t be any pictures taken but we just want to thank you guys for following our trip this time. It’s been a pleasure, see you guys back in Stockholm!

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