Sneakersnstuff for Haiti

In recent years, we have seen a dramatic increase in traffic on many sneaker releases. As an independent store with huge passion for sneakers, it is amazing to see over 100 000 people in 15 minutes, all trying to buy the same 300 pairs of Yeezy’s. Needless to say, Sneakersnstuff today has a way bigger reach than we have pairs to offer.

What if we could use that reach to try to influence for something good? That should not even be a what if. Humble to the fact that the spotlight might not be on us forever, we still have the opportunity and responsibility to try to use that influence to inspire people to help where help is needed.

Right now, help is needed in Haiti. Still recovering from the catastrophic earthquake in 2010, Haiti was hit really bad by hurricane Matthew recently. And there are currently MILLIONS of men, women and CHILDREN without a home, without food and without water.

This is why Sneakersnstuff decided to save 30 pairs of the Adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 750 Chocolate that was recently released. And they will sell those 30 pairs to the highest bidders in an auction that starts the October 20th, and runs until October 24th.

All the proceeds will go to the international Red Cross, to enable them to help as many as possible in Haiti.

With help from the team behind Panagora Edge, we have also been able to establish a straight line to the International Red Cross. So in case you don’t want to place a bid on the Yeezy’s, you can still make a donation. And every penny counts. No donation is too small.

”It is mind-blowing how many people you can reach when you have something relevant to say today. And this is more than relevant. This is not only about goodwill. This is about doing the right thing and to inspire others to follow.”
Erik Fagerlind – CEO and Co-Founder of Sneakersnstuff

When Sneakersnstuff approached us with this idea, we saw it as a fun and meaningful challenge. With the opportunity to do good and at the same time learn new things, a team was put together and started working immediately. As a long-time solution provider for Sneakersnstuff, we’re intimately familiar with their business, traffic patterns and market response potential, and felt that we should be able to pull this off, even on exceptionally short notice.”
Fredrik Schweinebarth – CTO and Co-Founder of Panagora

”Working in this part of the business, with all the hype that comes with it, you sometimes lose track of what is important. To us, this is a great opportunity to put things in perspective, and to highlight some of the real problems in this world.”
Peter Jansson – Co-founder Sneakersnstuff

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