”Shades of White” photo shoot Part 3 – Elsa

The third person we invited to our photo shoot for the the ”Shades of White” pack was Elsa Ekman. Elsa is born and raised in Stockholm and during the days she keeps her self busy with her blog, but also as a model and an artist. We really like Elsas style and it wasn’t hard for us to ask her if she wanted to be involved in this photo shoot. As everyone else, Elsa brought three of her own outfits to match with the shoes. And yes, she did a damn good job!

Here are some thoughts regarding Elsas styling.

How did the sneakers influence your outfits?
It was actually really easy for me to style my outfits together with every shoe, the silhouettes feel both pretty and fierce. They feel right whatever look you go for. 

Which one out of the three is your favorite look?
My favorite look is absolutely the Tubular combined with a more dressed outfit. I feel that when these two mix it makes my style more interesting and that look is something I’m going to wear a lot this summer.

Why should everyone own a pair of white sneakers?
Because it’s fresh, simple and timeless.

Check out Elsas three different looks below and check out the adidas Originals “Shades of White” pack that is exclusive for Sneakersnstuff right here.


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