New Blood: Introducing Vicky Grout

Anyone that has seen the recent features with Dave and Alia Loren for the Nike Air Max Ultra Flyknit will now be fully accustomed to the work of photographer Vicky Grout. Quickly becoming one of the go to London youth culture documentarians, Vicky has extensively covered the best of the UK underground music scene. Popping up at rap shows across most of the South East as well as international music festivals her style has become synopsis with the movement. Striking a fine balance between beauty and rawness her photos are hard to miss. Like many of the great documentary photographers out there Vicky has the ability to build relationships and trust with some of the industries most notoriously camera shy individuals. Linking her up with Dave and Alia Loren was a no brainer and Sneakersnstuff were lucky enough to sit down after a days worth of shooting to pick her brains.

Jammer, Blakie and Shizz in Shoreditch, London
Jammer, Blakie and Shizz in Shoreditch, London

Whats your thoughts on all these young talents these days? Everyone is between like 17-22 and they create so much good stuff.

I think that our generation is a lot more open to picking up creative subjects and pursuing their dreams. It’s so good and refreshing to see so many young people being so involved in the arts and our culture. There is so much talent and I am proud to say I am from London thanks to all the brilliant music, creativity and positivity it has been creating over the past few years.

What got you into photography? I know you did graphic design before this.

Photography was always a side thing for me, something that I enjoyed but never thought I could make a career out of. So while I was studying graphic design I was still taking photos for myself and would put them out on social media, which ended up getting a lot of positive responses from people. That’s when I took it further and did it more regularly and eventually was able to start shooting full time.

DJ Maximum
DJ Maximum


How did you end up in grime scene?

It started when I used to go raving a lot (before I was old enough to haha) and it was the live aspect of the music that really drew me in. I eventually started taking my camera into the shows and taking photos, and I slowly realised how much I enjoyed documenting the scene as it is today, and also how much people appreciated it as well.

What inspires you to get up in the mornings and go out to do what you do?

The process of shooting and processing can all be quite long sometimes, but it’s the final outcome that really makes it worth it. I’d like to think that I am passionate about what I do, and when I complete a project I am really and truly happy with it’s the best feeling ever.

Novelist & The Square with Spooky at The Alibi

If you could wear one outfit for the rest of your life what would it be?

A white Grind London tee, grey sweat shorts, either Air Max 95s or Superstar 80s and a backpack big enough to fit my camera and laptop obviously. This is pretty much what I wear every day anyway.

Who would you really like to shoot and why?

Out of the UK I’d love to do a proper shoot with Wiley. He started the scene which I document yet haven’t had the chance to get a proper organise portrait of him. Out of the US I’d l definitely want to shoot Chance the Rapper. He’s one of my favourite artists and I don’t get the chance to shoot a lot of US talent.

Wiley (left) & Jammer at Eskimo Dance

For more on Vicky visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

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