New Balance M1500MJC – All Gone

Ok, that was fast. We wish we could serve more of you. But fact remains – it is a limited production and I guess this is what the plan is from the beginning. To produce less pairs than you could sell – to create the buzz and make everybody that couldn’t get them wanting them even more.

Out of the 12 pairs we should have gotten – we only got 9 – due to a production problem in the UK. Out of those 9, we sold 7 pairs instore. So we had 1 pair of 10,5 and 1 pair of 11,5. They sold out fast. In fact, we oversold them as our system simply cannot handle the pressure when over 1000 people all are trying to buy the same 2 pairs at the same time.

So – we are sorry that we could not serve you all – see you next time

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