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You already know it. You all already know what time this is. I’m not even gonna say it. Ok, I’ll say it. Yeezy Season. For some of you, this is not your first rodeo, you already know the deal. For some of you, you might never even have heard about Kanye West. Or made the connection that Kanye West is actually Yeezy. But you will all have the same chance to get a pair tomorrow. And I hate to say it, but your chance is slim to none. And before you all go crying about bots, and backdoor, and re-sellers, and the shoes are wack (please, we have had lines upon lines upon lines – none of them seem to care that you think they are wack – so save your breath). But come Saturday 24th. Close to 100% of you will not get a pair. That is just a fact.

However, here are a couple of things that we are doing to make it as fair as possible.

1. Bots – well, bots are ever changing. You neutralize one bot, and another pops up. We are going with Re-Captcha and as far as we have seen, none of the bots on the market will get pass that.

2. Bots – yup, this will be mostly about  blocking bots… For the bots that are acting like a d-dos attack (meaning you use a script to access us more than one time (closer to 1000 times) at the time – we will block them both automatically and manually. So, stay away from networks where you think someone might use something like this (for example, your schools network or a coffee shop or similar), because we will block that whole network.

3. Bots – We have seen bots that adds products straight to the cart. We blocked the loopholes that we (they) found, but I am sure there might be others. We will pro-actively and retro-actively block any orders that comes in unnaturally fast. Also orders that will place product in your basket unnaturally fast.

4. Backdoor. Sure, our staff will have a staff raffle. They love sneakers, and we love them. Without our staff we are nothing. Sure enough, without you we are nothing as well – this is why we have a raffle for the staff – we do not have enough pairs for all of our staff. We will raffle out about 10% of our total to our staff – and that includes founders, owners and so on. No exceptions.

5. Re-sellers. Well.. I am pretty sure some of the people buying a pair tomorrow will resell them. They will probably be worth 4 times retail on Sunday, and then go down to 2 times retail on Monday. So I can’t blame people for reselling them. However, they stil have the same chance of buying a pair from us as everybody else. It is  not up to us what people decide to do with the sneakers after they bought them from us. But I hope you use them – because they are really comfortable.

Even though we will monitor this release extra hard, there is a good chance our servers will crash. And if the server can handle it, the cpu will have a melt down… And even if that doesn’t happen – you are not very likely to get a pair any way.

For most of you all sizes will say ”someone already have them in their basket”. And that is super frustrating, we know, and we will update that during this fall. But that doesn’t really matter now either. Based on previous Yeezy drops we estimate somewhere around 75 000 and 125 000 of you all trying to buy a pair. And although I suspect Adidas made more of these ones, it is still probably more than what Adidas even produced. Let alone way more than what we get. So a good guesstimate is that you have about 0,25% chance of landing a pair. And that is what it all comes down to.

If you are not up for that, we understand. And we do wish we had more pairs to offer. But if you are not willing to handle that frustration then don’t. Save space for someone that is.

So, to sum this up (and I guess most of you might just skip everything I wrote and just go right to this):
1. Stay away from networks that might use bots. They will  be blocked.
2. Don’t use bots, they will be blocked or cancelled.
3. Don’t use several browsers at the same time, you might get blocked.
4. Don’t use your phone and your computer at the same time – you might get blocked.
5. Don’t drink and drive.
6. No crying over a missed pair.
7. Hug somebody you like (or even somebody you don’t like) – it will make you feel better.
8. Spread love.
9. Fingers crossed.
10. Good luck (you’ll find the shoes here).

Have a good weekend everyone!

/Erik & Peter and the Sneakersnstuff family

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