BABA Recordings and Sneakersnstuff presents: ”Tribute to Kaah” a mix by KJ Butta

The legendary ”Cerritos Allstars” member KJ Butta has during the last two decades toured around the world and made himself known as a great turntablist that rocks every dance floor that he plays on.

KJ Butta is a big fan of Swedish music, and early on he started to listen to artists like Kaah, Robyn and Veronica Maggio and has played Swedish music on the clubs in New York since 2004. That was the year he visited Sweden for the first time when Sneakersnstuff invited him over.

Now KJ Butta has gone through Kaah’s discography and created a great mix of beautiful Swedish soul!

BABA Recordings and Sneakersnstuff proudly presents the mix ”Tribute to Kaah” by KJ Butta. It’s a mix of Kaah’s best songs, straight from the archives, AND a snippet of the upcoming single from Kaah called ”Vill Bara Leka Mer”

Listent to the mixtape here:

1. KJ Butta – Cerritos All Stars Intro
2. Kaah – Innan Du Går
3. Kaah – Byta Grejer (Fat Fabe & Dutch Flowers Mix)
4. Kaah – Balladen om Claudia
5. Kaah – Gör Va’ Du Gör
6. Kaah – Måste Ha det/Måste Ta Det
7. Kaah – Från Studio M
8. Kaah – (Det Finns Ingen) Kärlek Kvar med ADL & Andreen
9. Kaah – Vakar Över Dig
10. Kaah – Tänk Om Musik
11. Petter – Se Dej Igen med Kaah
12. Kaah – Allt Kan Va Så Bra
13. Kaah – Dom Tittar När Jag Dansar (Studio Monica Remix)
14. Kaah – Vill Ha Mer
15. Kaah – Skiter i allt [US Jeep mix]
16. Kaah – Vill Bara Leka Mer [Snippet] (Release 130222)

Listen to Kaah on Spotify:

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